We have developed WYS platform and AI applications to create unique solutions for corporates, governments and communities to increase efficiency, decrease administration and to improve profitability. At its best our solution has created completely new opportunities for our customers to conduct their businesses. We have a solid track record of demanding and versatile high performing solutions that we have delivered to customers in over ten countries.

We provide a platform which combines metadata, video and image received from different sources like

  • cameras (people counting, thermal, AI and ANPR cameras)
  • sensors and IoT sensors
  • NVRs (network video recorders)
  • VMSs (video management systems)
  • various other systems
  • WYS Platform applications.

WYS platform has a large selection of ready-made interfaces to industry-leading equipment and systems. The Platform’s fully meshed structure supports any data combination needed in the solution building.
The standard WYS Platform applications allow to tailor versatile and demanding but cost efficient solutions to meet customer’s unique and high-level requirements in different businesses. Our solution offers high performance and ease of use and management.

WYS has developed applications for business use since 2010.