• Reporting dashboard application picture
  • Reporting dashboard application picture

Reporting Dashboard Application powered by WYS Platform

Reporting Dashboard Application makes possible to combine data from different sources, and create versatile reports and statistics for individual needs. Reporting Dashboard application provides common, individual and automated reports.


  • Dynamic scalability (content scales from minutes to months, from a line graph to pie chart, from bar chart to radial diagram etc.)
  • Information comparisons made easy (based on date and time, location etc.)
  • Various data from different connected sources
    • Events, Alarms, Audit trail, Watchdog, Use, etc.
    • IoT sensors, AI cameras, thermal cameras, etc.
  • Data from various sources can be combined
  • Mobile users have the same information in use, and experience the same ease of use as if using a computer and a web browser
  • Web based architecture brings scalability – installed in one place but can be used from everywhere and anytime
  • Multisite/multi-location and standalone solutions