WYS Platform’s version 2023 R1 released


In the 2023 R1 version of the WYS Platform, scalability has been expanded even further, which enables the connectivity of several thousand different systems, with hundreds of thousands of devices connected to them. The entities enable several million different data sources. A significant increase in the performance of the WYS Platform has enabled further scaling.

The versatile components of the interactive Dashboard user interface developed especially for the WYS Platform have been supplemented with Viewer, which enables direct live video views from the Dashboard user interface to all cameras of the recorders and VMS systems connected to the WYS Platform, as well as to cameras directly connected to the Platform. The Viewer component can be used in the same way as the interactive Dashboard user interface on different terminal devices; browser, tablet and mobile phone.

The WYS Platform’s 2023 R1 version offers an even wider range of connectivities to other systems, the latest of which are Hedengren's Prodex fire alarm system and Neptolux emergency lighting system. In addition, the data provided by the connections of Hedengren's HHL C burglar alarm system and Hedsam X access control and time attendance system has become even more diverse.

The new Viewer component of the Interactive Dashboard

The new Viewer component of the interactive Dashboard of the WYS Platform enables viewing the live video and the recordings of the connected VMS systems and recorders as well as of the cameras connected to the Platform by using the Dashboard user interface. Making video clips from the recordings is also possible by using the Viewer.

The Dashboard views of the automatic situational awareness can include real-time video from various sources in addition to all other situational data. The control of the situational awareness views takes place automatically based on the data enriched by the WYS Platform.

With the help of the Platform Viewer, temporary and fixed-term viewing rights can be created easily and quickly, even for a single camera, which enables the rights, e.g. to external maintenance organizations.

The Viewer also enables the manual control of the PTZ cameras. The WYS Platform itself automatically controls the PTZ cameras based on the enriched data.

Connectivity to new systems: Prodex and Neptolux

The WYS Platform offers versatile two-way connectivity to the Prodex fire alarm system and the Neptolux emergency lighting system. These systems are connected to the Platform with WYS Edge Connectivity Technology.

With the help of the WYS Platform, from these systems one can get e.g.

  • automatic system and device registers from all centers and points
  • visualization of the areas in the interactive eMap view
  • real-time technical and operational situations in the Visual Console view
  • visualization of the statuses of the points in the interactive eMap view
  • visualization of the points in the Visual Console view
  • BI reports of the failures, pre-warnings, and alarms
  • technical BI reports of the centres, area centres, points, and areas
  • deactivations and their statuses
  • technical information of the centres, e.g. battery voltage, real-time temperature and ambient brightness data
  • fire safety related passive devices, e.g. fire extinguishers and hydrants, as part of the interactive eMap view and the information into the device register - automatic notifications, e.g. of the inspection needs.

The WYS Platform enriches the alarm, event and technical data produced by these systems, which can be used in many ways in decision-making and automatic controls. Through the two-way connectivity, the Platform can automatically control Prodex and Neptolux systems. 

The data enriched by the WYS Platform and produced by the various systems, devices and sensors connected to the Platform, can be freely combined for different purposes. It is available e.g. for the automatic control of the systems connected to the Platform.

The WYS Platform’s automatic technical monitoring provides a real-time view of the operating conditions and functionality, such as prevailing fault statuses, of the connected Prodex and Neptolux systems and their related devices.

The automatic operational monitoring, on the other hand, offers a real-time view of various operational events and alarms.

The Platform’s interactive Dashboard user interface provides versatility, individuality, and ease of use, as its content consists of selectable user interface content components. It is possible for the user to have several Dashboards in use, and each of them can have its own combination of the content components. The Dashboard can be used regardless of time and place, with a browser and a mobile, within the framework of the user rights.

With the help of the real-time BI reports, it is easy to produce and distribute the needed information automatically to different target groups and recipients for decision-making.

The next version of the WYS Platform will be published in September 2023.

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