Automated Vehicle Access Control (AVA) Application

AVA dashboard picture

An automated, versatile and economical solution for managing vehicle access permits.

Versatility and scalability

  • Unlimited number of gates and lanes can be connected to the solution
  • Customer-specific vehicle access permits and permit policies
    • Editable vehicle access permits
    • Individual permits based on time, week days, visiting times, lane, location, etc.
  • Several different levels of security to ensure vehicle access permits
  • Versatile reporting and monitoring for different user groups
  • Scalable solution - also for multi-site entities
  • The application logs events and provides a lot of different event information
    • All information in the log can be used as a search criterion
      • E.g. vehicle log data per license plate number (full number visible only for specified users, for others only partial number visible)
  • Automatic linking of snapshot images to the event
  • It is possible to connect a video recorder and a VMS system to the solution, in which case the video recording material related to the event is automatically linked to search events.

Interactive Dashboard reports

  • Visual Dashboards and their reports are freely customizable
    • Ability to restrict user rights to create Dashboards and reports
  • Individual and customizable reports e.g.
    • How long have the vehicles been in the vehicle zone during different time periods: hour, day, week, month, year
    • How often the same vehicles have visited the vehicle zone in a given period of time
    • Frequency of vehicle visits
    • Vehicles: visits, number of visits, parked, vehicle zones, etc.
    • Gate, gates and zones: vehicle numbers over time, vehicle types, driving directions, etc.
    • Permits: number of permits by type, at different times, etc.
    • Inventories: vehicles at a specific time in a given vehicle zone

A solution for a wide range of environments

  • Multiple ANPR cameras - one location
  • Multiple ANPR cameras - several locations
  • Centralized management
  • Centralized database for all ANPR cameras

The software is available in Finnish and English. Possibility to add new languages.

Freely selectable number of device and system connections. Once the device or system is connected, it immediately begins to accumulate data for utilization. If the connections are not ready-made, they will be the subject of a separate tender. See existing connections: WYS Connections

The usability of the WYS Platform and the AVA application can be extended with the Performance and Reporting applications.