Automatic audio announcements for unmasked people


WYS and Avigilon have together developed a solution for the market on how to automatically instruct people without face masks as smoothly and without delay as possible.

The time of Covid-19 restrictions requires to ensure the safe stay of customers, students and staff in various premises such as train stations, airports, shops, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, offices, etc. Safety consists of several measures, one of which is the use of the face masks inside the premises.

Avigilon's analytics cameras identify unmasked people in different rooms or, for example, in the traffic flows of passageways. The number of people without the face masks is verified in real time and automatically. When the number of the unmasked people in an area exceeds the set limit, the WYS Platform will automatically trigger an audio announcement in that area(s). It is possible to set different limits for the number of unmasked persons in different areas.

Motorola Solution’s No Face Mask Detection technology can be updated on both old and new Avigilon analytics cameras connected to Avigilon's ACC 7 Enterprise licensed VMS system. In this way, the cameras which are already in the premises can be easily updated to support the new safety requirements brought on by the pandemic, like the face mask use.

If the rooms or areas have screens / monitors, the chosen information, such as a request to wear the face masks, can be displayed on them together with or without the audio announcements. The message can be freely formulated in different languages. The WYS Platform controls automatically the changes of the messages on the screens / monitors. It is possible to display different messages on each screen.

If needed, in addition to the audio announcements and the messages on the screens, status information can be sent to other recipients too. The message can be automatically sent, for example, to the mobile devices of the pre-selected recipients, such as on-site guards.

The WYS Platform is used to manage one or more premises, also when they are in different sites and locations, even if each property has its own Avigilon ACC 7 VMS system. The pre-set number of allowed unmasked people can vary area by area.

The Dashboard of the WYS Platform offers versatile reporting capabilities for individual and general needs on an area- and site-by-site basis, with different groupings and levels. The reporting provides real information on the number of people without the face mask in different premises at different times; the development of the trend of the face mask use; and, for example, comparative information on the results of the measures taken in the different sites. The interactive WYS dashboards can be used anytime and anywhere with different browsers and terminals, such as laptops and mobile devices. Also, it is possible to send the chosen reports automatically, for example, to colleagues.

The WYS Platform and Avigilon analytics cameras increase the safety of the premises and individuals during the pandemic by quickly identifying individuals who do not have the face mask and guiding them with automatic announcements.

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