Easy digitization and automation with the new WYS Platform


WYS has released its 3rd generation Platform and related applications

WYS has released 2020 R1 version of its third-generation cloud-based Platform and related applications.

The WYS Platform and its applications help digitize and automate operations and processes. For example, the system monitors all devices and systems 24/7 and automatically informs, both visually and in a message form, about anomalies to the agreed recipients and, for example, to the ticketing system.

Each application uses data processed by the Platform engine. With Performance Application you manage easily the performance of all connected systems and devices. Using Reporting Application you get from a large amount of data useful information for individual needs. AVA Application is an automated, versatile and economical solution for managing vehicle access.

Any smart device or system (such as AI cameras, VMS systems, access control, alarm systems etc.) can be connected as a data source to the WYS Platform, which intelligently and easily combines devices and systems from different industries and manufacturers into one functional entity. The developed model differs from the traditional way of doing an individual integration separately between each device and system.

The intelligent engine of the Platform processes all the necessary data that the data source can provide, and the two-way connection allows the data to be sent back when the source can receive the data.

With unique, interactive dashboards and reports, data is visualized in real-time. Drilling from the helicopter view to the details or moving from the minutes to the annual level is possible in one and the same view, if desired.

Web-based applications allow access wherever you have an Internet connection and with any device from desktop to mobile phone.

The Platform scales from a single office solution to multi-company entities. Versatile user management supports even huge systems. You can get started by connecting a few devices and the system will grow as the need for information increases.

The new software version comes twice a year, which also includes the latest connection options and functionalities. The next version, the 2021 R1, which will be released in February next year, will introduce more common access control features.