WYS Platform has ready-made connectivity for Dahua systems and devices


The WYS Platform has a wide range of two-way connections to systems and devices of several different manufacturers. Now the connections are also available for the systems and devices that support the Dahua HTTP API.

When you connect Dahua systems and devices to the WYS Platform, all the information provided by the connected systems and devices is automatically retrieved.

The below items are automatically added to the Device and System Register of the WYS Platform from the Dahua devices:

  • Device name
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Firmware version
  • IP address
  • Port
  • Collected data count
  • Last event timestamp
  • Total number of cameras connected to a recorder
  • The camera channel names of the recorder
  • The functional status of the systems and devices.

In addition, also live camera images from Dahua cameras are available in the WYS Platform.

The device information can be supplemented with the device’s mounting place and date, mounting and device pictures, as well as other free-form information related to the installation and maintenance. 

WYS Platform’s technical and operative monitoring and management covers the connected Dahua devices. The technical monitoring is used to know the functional status of each system and device in real time. The technical management ensures the conditions, fresh updates and maintenance of the systems and devices. With the help of the operative monitoring the events and alarms of each system and device are known.

The last event timestamp is in the WYS Platform database. The last timestamp serves as possible health information, for example in people counting. If the device is without events for a couple of days, it already gives reason to check the function of the device at a more detailed level.

Automatic verification of the reference images of Dahua cameras connected to the WYS Platform is fast and efficient. The new reference image and its correspondence to the old reference image is illustrated in its own Dashboard view, where the reference images are easy to browse. It is also possible to search for the reference images manually.

The Dahua device information page can be accessed from the WYS Platform’s various dashboards, such as the Visual Console, the interactive eMap, the Device Register, and just about anywhere the device name is displayed.

With the help of versatile and easy-to-use search tools one can sort information in the Platform’s Device Register based on different variables.

Based on the Big data collected from the Dahua system and device, other systems and devices connected to the WYS Platform can be controlled, and various SLA and BI reports can be compiled.