WYS Platform Version 2021 R1 released


The connectivity of access control systems to the versatile services of the WYS Platform has been specifically developed in the new 2021 R1 version.

WYS Platform’s two-way connection of access control systems from different manufacturers enables in WYS Platforms’ intelligent applications and automated services versatile utilization of data generated by the access control systems. 

Data generated by the access control systems connected to the WYS Platform is intelligently combined with the data generated by other connected systems; the connected systems are automatically controlled; data is processed for other systems to use; operational processes are streamlined by automation; real-time situation picture reports, statistics and various comparisons are created; and trends are tracked.

It is possible to monitor the results in real time using the versatile Dashboard interfaces of the Platform or generate Dashboard reports for automatic distribution to colleagues, even on a weekly basis. Reporting data can also be exported to other systems. Data is also transferable to info screens and monitors.

There are no restrictions on the retention period of the data because of its own scalable database. This, along with the WYS Platform's versatile Dashboard interfaces, enables not only real-time reports but also long-term history reports and, of course, also opens up the possibility of analyzing events in detail over time. After the defined retention period, the data can be deleted automatically.

Based on the access control data, it is possible to create events and alarms, automatically attach snapshots to them, and define real-time actions and instructions based on a single or multiple events. Based on events or combining that info to data from other systems, it is also possible to automatically control different devices and systems. All alarms and events can be displayed also on the map.

Monitoring and diagnosis of access control systems and their devices are highly automated using the WYS Platform. The platform's visual monitoring view helps you easily manage even large numbers of access control devices and systems. The device and system view is fully customizable; the different views are editable and freely selectable and can be arranged, for example, so that different sites are visible and the sites' systems and devices can be found under them - the view can be limited only to faulty systems and devices. The deviating statuses of the systems and devices pop up automatically. From the site view, you can access with one click to that site’s systems and devices, e.g. access control system information and device register. 

Failure notifications are sent automatically to a mobile phone (push and sms messages), to an e-mail, an user interface, and external systems, e.g. ticketing system.

WYS Platform already offers connectivity to access control systems from several different manufacturers, most recently Schneider-Electric's Esmikko access control system. In addition, connectivity is available e.g. for Paxton, Salto and Vanderbilt access control systems. More connections to access control systems from several leading manufacturers are coming.

The WYS Platform is infinitely scalable, so the access control systems can be in one or more sites or locations, and different sites may have access control systems from different manufacturers. Versatile and flexible user management has been made with multi-site environments in mind.

The use of all the functions of the WYS Platform is very smooth even on mobile devices. The responsive interface of the Platform adapts to the resolution of the device used and its display, whether it is a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or monitor. For example, browser-generated Dashboard reports are automatically in an easy-to-read format on your mobile phone.

The new software version comes twice a year, which also includes the latest connectivity possibilities and features. In the next version 2021 R2, which will be released in mid-September, the WYS Platform will be updated, for example, with ready-made Strategic BI Report templates.