WYS Platform’s new software version 2022 R1 released


The 2022 R1 version of the WYS Platform focuses specifically on real-time operative and technical monitoring and management. Each version also boosts performance and brings more intelligence to the Platform. In addition, BI Reporting components will be added version by version.

Technical monitoring and management

Technical monitoring and management covers all systems and devices connected to the WYS Platform, such as automation, intruder detection, fire alarm, emergency lighting, access control and video management systems, as well as connected devices like cameras, recorders, routers, switches, sensors etc. Technical monitoring is used to know the functional status of each system and device in real time, and technical management ensures the conditions, fresh updates and maintenance of the systems and devices.

With the centralized information of the devices and systems and their monitoring and management information, potential problem situations can be quickly identified and eliminated. For example, when one system has a problematic firmware version, the information about all the other systems with the same potentially problematic software version is quickly available.

The technical status information of the connected systems and devices is monitored automatically and in real time using Visual Console. Based on the classifications, the automation takes care of notifying the relevant persons and functions of status information changes. The current and previous health data of the systems and their connected devices can be clearly seen in various formats, such as the eMap, the calendar view and the system register.

Versatile and easy-to-use search tools quickly provide the information you want, even from large entities. To analyse various technical deviations and fault situations, versatile tools are available, which provide information on, for example, the most common fault types, the faultiest systems and devices, the times when the most deviations and / or faults occur, the weighted distribution of fault types, etc.

Operative monitoring and management

Operative monitoring automatically and in real time monitors and manages the operational events of systems and devices connected to the WYS Platform.

Powerful search, filtering, and event classification tools, as well as map and floor plan views in the Operative Visual Console, help you track and analyse large numbers of events. Automatic pop-up messages with operational instructions are available for defined events and / or alarms.

If needed, the Standard Operating Procedures are automatically displayed when an event or alarm is triggered, and automatic notifications are sent to various sites and responsible persons. When the situation is rectified, the event is acknowledged in the system. The durations of alarms and events and their quantities can be automatically documented, for example, in service level reports.

The event and / or alarm also automatically controls other systems and devices.

BI Reporting

Data from real-time BI reports can also be used for a variety of analyses done afterwards. The WYS Platform collects, and stores data generated by the connected systems and devices in its own database. The intelligent BI Reporting offers excellent and versatile opportunities to utilize data for various analyses for both operational and business development purposes.