WYS Platform's Schneider Electric connectivity covers access control, fire alarm and intruder alarm systems


With the WYS Platform’s connectivity, Schneider Electric's ESMIKKO access control, fire alarm and intruder alarm systems act as data sources for the WYS Platform. The data generated by all these systems connected to the Platform can be automatically centralized from one or more sites.

The intelligent engine of the WYS Platform processes all the necessary data that the data source can provide, and the two-way connection allows the data to be sent and received. With the Platform, all the data, regardless of the source, is available in one place and can be combined with the data generated by other systems (VMS, AI cameras, people counting, vehicle access management, automation and building management systems, etc.), and with its help automatically control systems and devices according to the needs and situations.

With the help of real-time monitoring and diagnostics of the WYS Platform, you monitor the functionality of ESMIKKO systems, automatically receive real-time system and device status information to support decisions, and you can drill down to individual device information if you wish. You can quickly see if there are any trends in health information in terms of time, an individual device, or a system.

With the Reporting application of the WYS Platform, you monitor in real-time what movement patterns are formed in different areas and rooms and for different times, and you immediately notice deviations from these patterns (such as night time movement or an increased amount of movement in a particular space). You are able to combine automatically surveillance camera image and / or people counting data with the data generated by ESMIKKO systems. In this way, you anticipate, for example, the number of staff needed in the premises as a function of time and the number of customers.

With the help of the WYS Platform and its ESMIKKO connection, you can efficiently use all the data from your ESMIKKO access control, fire alarm and intruder alarm systems. With the interactive and easy-to-use Dashboards of WYS Platform, you have exactly the information you need for your work, in real-time and historical data. And best of all, the leap to more efficient information management is immediate without requiring system renewals.