WYS Platform - Smart Car Wash

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Improve the utilization rate and customer experience.

A versatile tool for operative and strategic business development.

Improve car wash utilization rate

  • Flexible management of washing products enables automatic and maximum 24/7 use of washing lines. The washing products can be defined for each washing line in a single car wash, in the specific car washes or in all car washes. For example:
    • 24/7, Mon-Fri 7-17, Mon-Fri 17-7, Sat-Sun
    • Happy hour and dynamic offers
    • Bonus washes
    • Special washes if the car has a rooftop ski carrier, roof signs, etc.
  • It is possible to offer a different and individual product range for companies and consumers, even on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis.
  • Site, customer and vehicle specific additional services can also be provided.
    • Possibility to reserve and use different charging points for electric and hybrid cars for those who have also the right to use the car wash services. Reserving a place is time-based, and booking is done with a browser or mobile. Fixed usage time can be defined for each charging point (hybrid, electric vehicle, fast charging) and the cost is determined by the point and time. The customer starts the charging with his mobile and at the same time the reservation is automatically checked. Notification to the customer's mobile automatically before the end of the charging time.

Efficiency with self-service

  • The automatic use of the car wash services is done with the automatic vehicle recognition and / or mobile.
  • The automatic self-service-based operating model, where the user of the car wash maintains and manages his own services - online and / or with a mobile application.
  • The company buys washing products according to its needs from a web shop, from a portal of the Smart Car Wash system and / or on a contractual basis. It is possible for a company to have different washing products at disposal simultaneously as well as have vehicle specific products. The company uses the washing products on a need basis and the system automatically controls the availability of the products.
  • Similarly, a person or family buys washing products on a need basis from a web shop, from a portal of the Smart Car Wash system and / or on a contractual basis, and the system automatically controls availability.
  • The portal of the Smart Car Wash system is easy to use and available 24/7.
  • The mobile application is suitable for both business and private / family use. With the app it is possible, for example, to confirm, when needed, the driving to the washing line, to inform the use of a rental car, to get the washing account balance information and offers on your phone, to reserve and use the electric car charging point.

Automated and real-time BI Reporting

  • Usage reports on a per-user and company-by-company basis to support invoicing, whether the question is about monthly or annual contracts, seasonal cards, or individual washes.
  • The washing account balance which the customer has bought in advance, and its reporting may be based on
    • The quantities per washing product or
    • Only on the quantities regardless of the washing product or
    • On the financial balance, which decreases according to the use of the services.
  • For example, an analysis of monthly washing services used by a customer is available in the BI report
    • By vehicle,
    • Per person,
    • Based on a date and time,
    • By washing product (including additional services associated with the products such as waxing and chassis washing)
    • By car wash, etc.
  • With the centralized BI Reporting, a wide range of information and comparison data is available from all car washes, car wash groups, individual car washes and washing lines, time periods which can be freely chosen, for example:
    • Distribution of the quantity of the washes, i.e. how much the customers use the washing services with a monthly card
    • Customers who use x or more washes per month
    • Cars which are washed several times in 24h
    • Number of washes by a car brand and a model
    • Car wash utilization rate
    • Average queuing time as a function of time.
  • Individual, digital BI reports can be automatically sent to different target groups, car wash  property owners, management, corporate customers and private customers, if needed.

Improve customer satisfaction

  • With the automation of the Smart Car Wash system, you expand your service portfolio cost-effectively and meet the needs of different target groups in an even more versatile way, and up to 24/7.
  • All services available with a number plate recognition or a mobile, so there is no need for separate hard copy cards.
  • The system automatically reminds you of the washing balance situation.
  • Bonus washes, offers, etc. effortlessly and automatically at the customer's disposal without coupons or stamped cards.
  • Customers see real-time queue status information from their mobile automatically.
  • It is possible for the user of the car wash services to see pictures of his vehicle taken before and after washing. The transparency of the process increases and the need for complaints decreases.

Develop your business effectively

  • Real-time situation awareness of the device condition and the car wash service use available all the time.
  • Car washes in different locations can be included to the same system. System enables flexible adding and removing of  washing lines. The Smart Car Wash system easily scales from a single washing line to multi-site environments without geographical restrictions.
  • The same Smart Car Wash portal is available for the service offering of different sites.
  • The system maintenance and administration are centralized.
  • The maintenance of the user management (car wash, management, customers) is also centralized. The system's centralized user management scales flexibly, as the number of user levels and groups is unlimited.
  • Invoicing information can be transferred automatically to the invoicing system.
  • Credit card invoicing information is automatically transferred to the accounting system / invoicing system.

All system functions can be used both with a browser and a mobile. Fully customizable Dashboard interfaces make the use easy and efficient for all parties and user groups.

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