WYS Platform - Smart Management of Vehicle Permits and Access

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Manage smartly vehicle permits, accesses and stays.

Digitalize the processes and automatize the tracking.

Digitize vehicle permit management

  • The vehicle permit information required for drive in is always available digitally to all parties involved.
  • Easy-to-use service portal enables an effortless driving permits’ request and approval process; both with a browser and a mobile.
  • Companies applying for driving permits enter their own information and permit requests using the service portal. After the permit has been approved, companies can maintain their vehicles’ information in the portal.
  • Completely unique driving permit products (e.g. time, gate, area-based or even a combination of these) are created for the needs of each industrial company.

Automate driving permit verification

  • A vehicle entering the area is automatically recognized from the license plate.
  • Checking the driving permits can be fully automatic or manual, so both manned and unmanned sites can be connected to the system. The system also allows remotely controlled gates.
  • A range of dynamic security levels are available, from a vehicle identification to a vehicle and driver identification and locationing.
  • Information and instructions related to entering the industry area are automatically sent to the persons or groups concerned, e.g. to a mobile phone, e-mail, browser and / or information monitors at the gates. There is no limit to the number of people who can receive the message, and one person can belong to more than one group.
  • It is possible to connect to the Industry Vehicle Access System also e.g. access control, video management and work permit systems.

Automate the security management of the driving permits

  • The system automatically tracks defined events and, in case of deviations, automatically generates a notification to specified recipients. Notifications may be accompanied by pre-agreed standardized operating procedures. The event and its images is automatically filed in the system.
  • With the help of the system the vehicles in the area and their drivers are known in real time.
  • For the security guard in the area, it is easy to check the driving permits of the vehicles from his mobile phone, allowing him to view the vehicle’s driving permit and driver information. The guard can also see all the vehicles in the area from his mobile .

Optimize the lifecycle of the devices

  • Get real-time information on the functionality of all systems and devices connected to the Platform.
  • Statistics help you select the right devices for your operations and analyze their upgrade and maintenance needs.
  • From the System and Device Register, you can drill down to the detailed information of each device and view the location information of the device on the map.

Automate data processing to support decision making

  • All data is in one place, and you can study real-time situation as well as historical data and statistics.
  • With the help of interactive and individual dashboards, the information you need is at your disposal in formats just right for you: tables, graphs, maps, etc.
  • You can automatically distribute the defined reports to selected recipients, e.g. weekly.
  • A wide range of information is available, for example:
    • Vehicles in the area,
    • Vehicles present at a certain time or interval,
    • Traffic volumes by port and area and total as a function of time,
    • Visits of one vehicle,
    • Vehicle staying times,
    • Events of checking permits, etc.

Smart Industry Vehicle Access easily scales from a single gate to global multi-site environment.
The user management of the system scales accordingly, as the number of user levels and groups is unlimited.
All system functions can be used both with a browser and a mobile.
Versatile connectivity to other systems such as access control, video management and work permit systems.

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