Automation creates economic and environmental benefits in high-volume soil and waste shipping processes

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In the process of shipping high-volume materials, such as various soils, snow and waste, the automated solution of receiving the material brings efficiency and flexibility to the whole logistical chain.

The solutions we have implemented in Finland together with our channel partners have brought many benefits to the customers. In addition to the benefits gained from automated solutions, such as more efficient invoicing, many sub-solutions have also emerged that improve functionality and security in the customers’ operations.

The automated material receiving process Summary report
24/7 reduces costs for all parties

At the core of the digitized system is an easy-to-use service portal that provides services to all different parties. Each party maintains its own information in the service portal on a self-service basis. The browser-based service portal is available 24/7 and can be used with various terminals: workstations, vehicle computers and mobile phones. The responsive user interface allows easy mobile use for anyone and anywhere.

Vehicles’ number plates are identified automatically at the receiving destination on arrival and departure. This enables manned, unmanned and remotely manned sites. Material receiving destinations that are open for longer than usual or even 24/7 enable the transport companies to use more efficiently their transport capacity.

In the unmanned receiving destinations, for example, driver guidance can be fully automatic based on the map and the help of a mobile phone or a vehicle computer. In this case, the driver confirms his position with the vehicle computer or the mobile phone while at the dumping point. The system automatically issues a dumping permit if the vehicle is in the correct location.

For each receiving destination or dumping area it is possible to define the capacity of the area, the fulfillment of which is monitored in real time and automatically. The system automatically notifies when a certain fill level is reached.

The truck loads are video recorded as they arrive at the receiving destination. The video footage and individual images are attached to the event, so they can be viewed later.

Measuring the amount of the material can be done in many different ways, such as with scales connected to the system, a load measurement, vehicle axle data entered into the system, etc. The weighing and measuring processes are automatic.

The digital movement document is automatically pre-filled with the information provided by the material sender and the material receiver companies. The driver can complete the pre-filled movement document with transport-related information if necessary. The document is transferred digitally and automatically as the process progresses. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, the movement document is automatically opened by the system for the material receiver, making it possible to approve the document digitally. The movement document is also archived automatically.

The EU regulation based centralized register of movement documents will be available in the beginning of 2022 in Finland. The information in the movement document can be delivered automatically into the authorities' system using the same official EU codes for the different material.

The environmental load is significantly reduced

The efficient and automated process significantly reduces the environmental impact. The system makes it possible to calculate emissions from the transport of different materials in order to see the impact of the measures taken on the total emissions and, at the same time, on the reduction of vehicle fuel consumption.

All variations in the transport process, such as exceptional opening hours of the receiving destinations, service breaks, blocking-back situations etc., are communicated to the parties in real time, which facilitates smooth traffic between sending and receiving sites.

By the automatic identification of the number plate and / or mobile identification in the receiving destinations, driving in has been made smooth without unnecessary stops or waiting. Graphical maps of the destination site make it easy to find out where the material in transit should be delivered. Fast real-time processing of the digital documents minimizes the time required to handle them. As a result, the driver’s unnecessary waiting with idling and unnecessary driving are minimized, which brings clear annual cost savings, and reductions in the environmental load.

A better sorting of the material received saves the environment. Each receiving site defines what material or products it can accept. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, it is possible to create different products for the same material. For example, snow transported from a construction site is taken to a different location than the snow collected from streets.

Improved data availability and speed

Different parties have access to comprehensive, real-time reporting related to their own operations such as placed orders, transportations, and the status of the receiving site. Even if there are multiple receiving sites, the reports from the different sites are available in real time. This makes quick site-by-site decisions possible, if needed.

The individual reporting needs are easily fulfilled in the system. Reports are available 24/7 in the portal. If necessary, it is also possible to automate the sending of the reports to recipients, in which case the predefined reports are automatically delivered to the agreed recipients at a certain time.

Invoicing becomes more efficient

Invoicing is based on the accepted arrival of the material load at the receiving destination. The system can automatically send invoicing information of all delivered material loads to the invoicing system of the receiving company. Invoicing specifications are available to all parties in real time from the service portal.

Security on many levels

The system is capable of identifying potential accident situations. For example, the system may send a message to agreed recipients or a service center if the vehicle stays longer than normal in the dumping area, and any need for assistance can be checked immediately. Correspondingly, if there are too many vehicles in the dumping area, which can cause a dangerous situation, it is possible to send an alarm and operating instructions from the system, for example.

To ensure an uninterrupted operation, the system enables versatile verifications at different levels: a system duplication, a database authentication, a connection verification, and an offline use in the receiving destinations.

The system is flexible in operational changes

The dynamic and scalable system brings flexibility when changes are needed. The number of different parties, receiving destinations, material sending sites and users is scaled as needed. Ease of use ensures the maximum utilization of the system.

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