Combining different security systems into one logical entity makes their utilization more efficient

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In our changed security environment, it is good for companies to be alert and check their own security systems, such as access control, locking, burglar alarm, fire alarm and video management systems, and ensure their proper operation. However, is this easier said than done? In how many companies, for example, is the situational awareness of the physical security fragmented and the necessary information is retrieved one system at a time?

The rapid development of technology and the emergence of new security threats and challenges also require the security systems to quickly adapt to the latest situations. Extensive system environments, where different systems are used and maintained as separate, individual systems, form a fragmented, challenging, and inefficient entity, e.g., in terms of usability, exploitability, information security, version control, troubleshooting, and vulnerability checks.

The WYS Platform solves the problems described above at once by combining the different security systems into one logical entity. It is possible to keep all the connected safety systems under continuous automatic monitoring for both operational and technical events.

With the help of the versatile technical monitoring, the functional status of each system and device as well as deviations that occurred are known in real time. Correspondingly, the lifecycle management of the systems verifies e.g., the functionality of the systems and devices, the up-to-dateness of various software, the needs of updates and also other preventive maintenance measures. With the help of the versatile BI reporting, the inventory of the entire system base can be easily and quickly sorted out.

To analyze the various operational and technical deviations and fault situations, the versatile tools of the Platform are available, which provide information on e.g., the most frequent types of events, the sites, systems, devices that have the most events etc.

Versatile, efficient, and easy-to-use search, filtering, and classification tools for the various events, as well as map and floor plan views help in monitoring and analyzing the event volumes of the large entities.

The automation of the Platform offers e.g., automatically notifications about the various operational deviations and about the technical functionality of the devices and systems.

For example, the events that deviate from the norm of transit and stay times in classified premises are clearly illustrated, making it easy and quick to drill down on them. Based on the abnormal transit times and time spent in the premises, automatic alarms and notifications can also be set for possible follow-up procedures. The notifications and the alarms to which standard operating procedures can also be attached, are sent automatically to the defined recipients, who may also be parties outside the company.

The drilling down on the unusual events as well as the alarms and the notifications can be done centrally to all defined sites and places within the framework of the user rights.

The information and the events of the large entities and the various systems in many different sites are automatically up-to-date and available centrally to the defined persons, in different places, and on all different terminal devices.

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