Vanderbilt connection to the WYS Platform adds new dimensions to access control


Vanderbilt offers versatile solutions for access control. The WYS Platform intelligently combines data generated by Vanderbilt with data generated by other systems connected to the Platform. Based on the generated big data, the WYS Platform analyzes and controls different systems in each situation.

For example, the WYS Platform combines data from Vanderbilt access control with data generated by a building management system and a parking system. You will receive a comprehensive information package on the people and vehicle flow and use of the facilities in your company. With historical data, you track trends, compare different time periods, and create predictions about future needs.

With the Performance application of the WYS Platform you monitor the health status of the Vanderbilt system and connected devices in real time, as well as other systems and devices connected to the WYS Platform. You will also receive statistics on the operation of devices connected to the Platform during the time periods you want and create interactive dashboards as needed.

The Performance application automatically indicates detected anomalies in operation. It monitors and generates failure messages automatically. 

With the help of the information in the WYS Platform database, you can find out the usability history of the devices and their optimal lifetime in your company's environment. You will receive the same information from all locations in the multi-site environment where the Vanderbilt access control system is installed and connected to the WYS Platform. This makes it easy to compare data from different sites.

The WYS Platform provides versatile connections to dozens of different systems that are intelligently controlled and analyzed by the WYS Platform. Read more about the connected systems.