WYS Platform offers now a 2-way connectivity also to Hedengren’s Hedsam access control and HHL burglar alarm systems


WYS Platform offers a wide range of content-rich two-way connectivity to industry-leading systems and devices. The ever-expanding connectivity offering now also includes two-way connectivity to Hedengren Security's Hedsam X access control and time attendance system as well as the HHL burglar alarm system.

With the help of the automatized connectivity, the data is transferred automatically from Hedsam and HHL systems to the WYS Platform making quick deployments possible.

Centralized and automatic real-time monitoring and diagnostics of Hedsam and HHL systems at different sites significantly simplify maintenance, reduce maintenance costs and enable proactive measures.

Based on the data generated by the Hedsam X access control system, such as the number of door openings and lock uses and the people counter data, it is possible to automatically generate, for example, information on locks that need maintenance during the next month and their locations by sites. With the WYS Platform, it is possible to utilize Hedsam's access control information in many ways. For example, real-time information about individuals and number of people in different areas can be utilized in an air conditioning and heating control, communication in problem situations and in various analysis.

With the help of WYS Platform the centralized monitoring of many HHL systems produces information, for example, from loop alarms and events, power voltage, battery failures and cover contact detections. It is possible to open and close the sensor loops automatically based on the data received, for example, from the access control system. In the same entity it is possible to have an event-based automatic and intelligent control of the camera surveillance system.

With the WYS Platform, it is possible to create automatic and intelligent events, controls and alarms, as well as real-time BI reports based on the data generated by Hedsam and HHL. Events are displayed on the map if needed.

An automatic message sending, like standard operating procedures related to an event or situation, can be done dynamically according to the routing rules to reach one or more recipients and a group of recipients automatically or manually. The communication channels can be mobile (push and SMS), e-mail and user interface. Device information can be shared, for example, together with an automatic fault notification speeding up the fault fixing process.

Real-time BI reports make it easy to automatically generate and distribute the required information to different target groups and recipients.

Versatile, individual and customizable Dashboard interfaces make using the WYS Platform interactive, easy and personal. The use is possible regardless of time and place, with a browser and mobile, within the limits of the access rights. The number of user levels and groups is unlimited.

With the help of WYS Platform also other systems and devices connected to the Platform are possible to include to the same entity of Hedsam and HHL systems, be it a video surveillance system, a fire alarm system, a building management system, AI cameras, etc. In this way different systems and devices form a single logical entity, and from which you will have a real-time, automatic and operational situation awareness by using WYS Platform.

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