WYS Platform - Smart Security and Automation

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Connect smartly security and automation systems.

Automatize and digitalize with smart services.

The Smart Security and Automation Platform digitizes, automates, and optimizes security and automation operational and management processes. The automated operational process enables cost-effective use and versatile utilization of large amounts of systems and devices and minimizes the risks of human error.

Automated deployment

  • The automatic connectivity of the systems to the Security and Automation Platform significantly reduces deployment costs. The information is automatically retrieved from both the system and the devices connected to the system.
  • The content of the data is determined by the service level of the interface of the system to be connected. However, it is possible to manually complete and change the content within the framework of the user rights, e.g. to add installation photos and free-form installation-related information.
    • Significantly eases maintenance.
    • Significantly reduces maintenance costs.
    • Data can be shared, e.g. together with an automatic fault notification.
  • Automation eliminates human errors.

Effectively monitor events and systems

  • Real-time and automatic monitoring of events, alarms and statuses generated by the connected systems and devices; creation and sending of notifications; reporting and SLA management
    • For example, with the help of the Security and Automation Platform, all devices and systems are monitored 24/7. Deviations are automatically reported to the defined recipients in both visual and message format to the mobile (push notifications and SMS), e-mail, user interface, and to an external system, e.g. ticketing system, automation system, etc. When the system and devices are operational again, the fault or occasional fault status is automatically reset.
    • The data produced by the different systems is combined and enriched in the Platform. Based on that refined information other systems are automatically controlled.
      • E.g., access control events provide data about the number of people in different areas of the building, and this information is used, for example, to control the air conditioning system automatically.
    • Events generated by the access control are used to automatically open and close the sensor loops of the burglar alarm system, and in case of anomalous events to control the surveillance cameras in the area. At the same time, a notification of an anomalous event with the image data is automatically sent to the defined recipients.
  • Versatile and unique views of the sites, systems, and devices are fully customizable, and the content of the view can be selected and organized. The content of the monitoring is visualized with colours and icons.
  • The visual multi-layer structure enables clear and easy-to-use monitoring of thousands of sites from the site level to the sensor level.
  • Interactive eMap visualizes sites on the map. From the events visible on the map and / or floor plans can be zoomed all the way to the sites’ device level and to the event data.
  • Versatile user action tracking (e.g. Audit Trail), also taking into account GDPR requirements

Streamline your process with a versatile situation awareness

  • All the connected systems of the Security and Automation Platform are combined into one logical entity. Automating the management of the system generated information and the system use, makes the resulting situation awareness more than the sum of its parts.
  • Configurations, filtering, and time selections can be done according to individual needs in the event and alarm management. The required action may be based on one or more events that can be connected from different devices and systems.
  • The control of the systems and devices connected to the Security and Automation Platform as well as the control of a third-party system and / or device is possible.
    • For example, automatically linking images to the events and synchronizing video recordings using a two-way connection.
  • The automatic sending of the targeted messages can be implemented according to the routing rules based on various events. This enables the smooth delivery of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to the event / situation.

Scale easily

  • Operating needs and requirements are constantly changing. Scalable Security and Automation Platform takes into account current and future changes such as new services and operating models
  • The existing system and device base can be used in the same entity with the new systems and devices. The systems, brands and models made for different uses can be connected to the same Security and Automation Platform.
  • The Security and Automation Platform scales flexibly to a global multi-site environment.
  • A versatile and flexible user management allows user services to be defined, for example, based on a hierarchy, group or location, or individually for each user. The number of the user levels and groups is unlimited.

Utilize the data in operations and decision making

  • Versatile and real-time BI reports to support the operations and decision making. All the data is available from the systems and devices connected to the Security and Automation Platform, regardless of the use purpose, brand, or model. The data can be freely combined, and the reports are automatically updated with the latest data.
  • Individual reports can be created for the different user groups, from the corporate level to the needs of the individual user.
  • Data can be exported to the other systems.
  • SLA reports provide comparative information on device failures by a manufacturer, and a system and device failure response times. It is possible to score the device failures based on the time criticality. Each site’s reference images of the cameras can be compared with the real-time images.

All functionalities of the system can be used both with a browser and a mobile.

Versatile, unique, and customizable Dashboard interfaces available based on the user’s access rights and connections. The structure and content of the dashboards are freely formable.
Different components can be added to the same Dashboard as needed; components like reports, visual consoles, events, alarms, logs in the calendar view, interactive eMaps, system and device controls. In the interactive Dashboards, the time span is dynamically scalable. It is possible for the same user to have several different Dashboards in use.

Versatile connectivity to other systems such as access control, burglar alarm, fire alarm, building automation, parking management, invoicing system, user management LDAP (e.g., Microsoft AD), etc.

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