Performance dashboard

Versatile and easy management of the performance of systems and all devices. The visual console / control view helps you easily manage even large numbers of devices and systems.  All device and system information are automatically in one's use. Also Event and alarm management, Routing rules and management, Interactive eMap, and Communication and real-time instructions (SOP) modules are in your use.

Reporting Dashboard people counting

With the help of reporting, you get from a large amount of data useful information for individual needs, whether it is the top 10 fault situations of the system or the development of the number of visitors. Choose the devices you want to have as data sources and in what format you want to view the data. Attach the created report preform into the Dashboard and you can interactively navigate the data from year to minute.

AVA dashboard picture

An automated, versatile and economical solution for managing vehicle access permits.It provides scalability for operations, and interactive dashboard reports for individual information needs. It’s a solution for a wide range of environments.