Photos courtesy of Hansab Group OÜ
harbour aerial

With our harbour solution, our customers have been able to reduce vehicle waiting times in ports, reduce emissions and handle larger volumes of vehicles without expanding the area.

Our smart harbour solution automates outbound and inbound harbour vehicle traffic, significantly reducing vehicle lead times. Increasing volumes of vehicles can be effectively managed in limited areas of the ports. Our solution consists not only of identifying vehicles, but also of guiding, weighing and measuring them. All this happens without stopping the vehicle. The WYS harbor solution provides real-time vehicle information to all specified operators in the harbour, such as authorities, shipping companies, freight forwarders and the port.

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce lead times
  • Enhances the use of yard
  • Multi operator environment
  • Detect abnormal situations immediately
  • Versatile reports and statics including video and snapshots
  • One or more harbours in the same solution
  • Automated number plate recognition system
  • Vehicle data collection from multiple sensors
  • Vehicle weighting in motion
  • Vehicle dimension measurements in motion